Fire Safety Training Requirements

Employees are killed and many more injured in fires within the workplace each year. The financial consequences of fire to any business can be equally devastating with approximately 80% of companies never recovering from a serious outbreak of fire.

Have you or your staff had recent fire safety training? Do they know what to do if a fire broke out in the workplace? Do they know how to reduce the risk of fire? If not you are vulnerable to fire.

It makes good sense, therefore, to protect yourself, your staff and your business from fire. We Believe that we have the best people to train your staff. Our instructors are all ex fire service with the unique benefit of being fully qualified fire engineers. This provides your company and staff with decades of practical and theoretical experience of fire and its potential affects to your business.

Fire Safety Legislation places an obligation on employers to ensure that their staff are provided with adequate fire safety training. The level and frequency of this training is determined by the type, use and risk of the premises. As all premises differ in some way, Braidwood Fire will tailor courses to the client’s requirements ensuring that the content meets the requirements of your residual risk within your premise.

Our range of courses include:

  • Fire Awareness Training – Basic Fire Awareness training that must be carried out for all employed personnel and should be repeated on a programmed basis.
  • Fire Warden Training – Fire Wardens should be appointed, where necessary, to assist the responsible person in providing assistance in the event of a fire. The training of “competent persons” is a requirement under current legislation.
  • Fire Safety Training for Managers – “Fire Safety Manager” may be described as the person who has the day to day responsibility for managing fire safety in the premises. This course will give the Fire Safety Manager all the necessary skills, knowledge and training to fulfil their role.
  • Fire Risk Assessment (1 Day) - A 1 day fire risk assessment course has been designed for those who have a responsibility to conduct and carry out fire risk assessments.

A certificate upon completion of each course is issued that meets the requirements of the current fire safety legislation that came into force on the 1st October 2006

Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 Part 3 & Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 state:

20.—(1) An employer with duties under section 53 must ensure that his or her employees are provided with adequate fire safety training–

(a)at the time when they are first employed; and

(b)on their being exposed to new or increased risks because of–

(i)their being transferred or given a change of responsibilities within the employer’s undertaking; or

(ii)the introduction of new work equipment into, or a change respecting work equipment already in use within, the employer’s undertaking; or

(iii)the introduction of new technology into the employer’s undertaking; or

(iv)the introduction of a new system of work into, or a change respecting a system of work already in use within, the employer’s undertaking.

(2) The training referred to in paragraph (1) must–

(a)include sufficient instruction and training on the appropriate precautions and actions to be taken by the employee in order to safeguard himself or herself and other relevant persons on the premises;

(b)be repeated periodically when appropriate;

(c)be adapted to take account of any new or changed risks;

(d)be provided in a manner appropriate to the risk identified by the assessment carried out or reviewed under section 53; and

(e)take place during working hours

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